General Terms of Use

1. The Bonus membership card does not require a membership fee of any kind, is not a credit card and can be used exclusively in order to collect point and earn gifts and gift vouchers, whenever such gifts and gift vouchers are set at the absolute discretion of DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A.

2. Filling in the membership application form, you grant your consent to DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A., to maintain and process the personal data contained herein. You are entitled at anytime to ask in writing either for an update of your personal data maintained by DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A. or for the amendment of data, or for the deletion of data along with your request for deregistration from the Bonus card program, without any further obligation or liability by DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A.

3. In order to obtain points it is necessary to purchase items at our stores (for every euro of purchases, you will obtain one Bonus point) and to present the card at the time of purchase and specifically before the items are scanned through the cash register.

4. In case of loss of all four cards, we will replace them and we will make any possible effort to successfully transfer the number of point of the lost cards to the new ones.

5. In case you have forgotten the card at home, just give your telephone number at checkout (the one that is written in the Bonus application form) and you won’t lose the points you are entitled to with your purchases.

6. You shall claim gifts or gift vouchers only when you possess the number of points that corresponds to the specific gift or gift voucher that you choose and only by showing us your Bonus card or the cardholder’s ID. The availability of gifts is limited to the item being out-of-stock. Gifts can be returned within 15 days from the date of receipt and only if the package is sealed and the product has not been used. Gift vouchers cannot be returned and can only be used for purchases at DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A. stores.

7. Whenever you return products that you have already earned, we will automatically deduct from your card the points corresponding to the value of the returned goods.

8. Employees of DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A. and their first-degree relatives are excluded from this membership.

9. In case you do not use the Bonus card for a period longer than 12 months, DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A. is entitled to deactivate it.

10. The privileges of the Bonus card are not valid for purchases with invoices containing special prices or a total discount.

11. The above stated general terms are subject to change. The Bonus card program may be terminated at any time. In case of improper use of the card or the cardholder commits a penal offence, DIMITRIOS THANOPOULOS S.A. reservesthe right to unilaterally deregister the cardholder from the program without the need of his/her consent.