Exclusive products

D.Thanopoulos offers a diverse and exciting choice of exclusively imported products. In our stores you will find your favourite American and British brands. Cereals, soft drinks, BBQ sauces, delicious snacks and so on. Flavours that you really miss or you would like to try. Gourmet fans will be happy to find cheese from France and Italy, coffee from exotic places and many other goods from all around the world.

Organic and ecological products

At D.Thanopoulos you will find all fresh and store cupboard organic food you desire, as well as ecological house care and personal care products. There is a big variety of vegetables, meat, diary, chocolates and more by Greek or foreign producers in all our stores. All organic products have the regulatory certifications by the appropriate organisations.

Functional foods

For those of you that consume functional foods, either because you need to improve your body or mind well-being or reduce a disease risk, D.Thanopoulos is continuously adding new products on its list. You can get from sweeteners and chocolates for diabetics, gluten free pasta to food rich in Omega 3.

Bake & sweet shop

D.Thanopoulos offers freshly baked bread, croissants, cheese pies and various pastries. If you are having a gathering or a party at home and need some help just give us a call. You can ask for the quantity you need one or two days in advance. (small orders are delivered on the same day). We can also make sandwich “bombs” with the filling of your choice (salmon, tuna, ham, chicken etc). In our stores you will also find an assortment of desserts like cheesecake, ekmek, profiterole, chocolate pie. Try them!

We daily prepare meals, using the best ingredients. Either you are a vegetarian or a meat lover you can pick a freshly cooked meal from the menu. Moreover, you can choose from a big variety of salads and sandwiches which are also made by us daily.

Fresh and fridge foods

D.Thanopoulos ensures that only top quality fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are available at all its stores. All dairy, salads along with gourmet fridge foods are preserved and offered to you daily.

Frozen foods

Frozen foods vary from bread to fruit, as well as hunt meat. Moreover, there is a great variety of ready made frozen meals for you to pick.

Storecupboard foods

All you need for an everyday or special dinner is available at D.Thanopoulos stores. A diverse choice of balsamic vinegars, beverages, coffee, sugar and any store cupboard product you may think lies on our shelves. Moreover, a big variety of dried nuts that is packed by as with great care is available daily.

Non foods

At non foods department you may find all home care and personal care products, as well as kitchen accessories, gifts, books, toys etc.

Do not miss out to visit the wine and beer sectors. There is an exciting variety of Greek and imported beer to choose from, as well as a big list of domestic and foreign wine producers. Moreover, the spirits and refreshments section will give you nice ideas to treat your guests.