Human resources

All of us, who form the D.Thanopoulos company have a core value: to treat our customer as we would like others to treat us. We, individually or as a team, understand that need to be honest and consistent towards our colleagues and our employer, in order to be effective.

Our philosophy is based on the principle that anything we have to offer, even our own ideas, helps our company. Our staff consists of 235 people in total, of which 75% are full time and 25% part time employees.

We are also happy to employ 8 individuals with special needs, in collaboration with the Theotokos Foundation, which supports the social and professional integration of disabled people both in recruitment and during employment days.

All employees are evaluated twice a year, as D.Thanopoulos S.A. believes it is of high importance for their evolution and effectiveness.

The company welcomes new employees and gives them a ’new recruits’ guide which contains all necessary information on corporate history, philosophy, vision, organisational and salary issues, work conduct, internal regulations and procedures, employment customer service, safety and hygiene at work, etc. Then combine theoretical training (provision of specialised task manuals) with practical training, having the employee almost immediately get an on-the-job-training.

We believe our employees need to have all the following that the company is providing:

  • Being treated with trust and respect.

  • Have an experienced and fair-minded manager.

  • Experience new and interesting every day situations.

  • Be paid and treated as required by labor law.

  • Achieve a balance of work - personal / family life.

  • Be given career opportunities.

  • Feel proud of their work.

  • We know that if we respect our people, they will respect our customers.

If you would like to join our team please contact us at +30 210.6254504 (09.00 - 13.00 daily) or