In 1877 Panagiotis Thanopoulos founded the "Thanopoulos" grocer’s shop on Eolou Street. The quality and the variety of foods along with the personal customer care, made "Thanopoulos" big name in the food market.

His son, Pantelis Thanopoulos, was a worthy successor. Being an educated, active and insightful man, he converted the shop into a polymorhic grocery. He even established in-store restaurants!

In the early ’60s his children carried on the creative work he had startred. Inspired by "Fauchon" and "Migro" they added a Delicatessen Section. They opened two more shops, bringing the era of Supermarket. And the tradition continues...

Dimitrios Thanopoulos foresaw the development of Athens to the northen, and in 1980 he independently opened the first store under the name "Dimitrios Thanopoulos S.A" on New Kifisia square. His experience and respect for the customer make it stand out. The second store opened in 1996 across from the Kifisia train Station, to meet the needs of local residents and the rail passengers. Nowdays, the fourth generation, Dimitrios Thanopoulos’s sons Pericles and Telis, are the modern successors of this course. Faithful to the quality and flexible to new developments combine tradition with technology.

They completely renovated the store of N. Kifissia. Spacious 2500 sq.m with the latest equipment, trained staff and more than 35,000 items, it has been serving the needs of even the most discerning consumer.

Then, the store on the corner of Adrianou & Dragoumi was expanded. New sales locations and owned parking spaces highlighted the store.

Soon enough a third store was opened to serve the N.Erithrea and surrounding areas, on the corner H.Trikoupi and Eandos street. In 2006 the store at the train station gets extra parking spaces, making shopping even more convenient. Finally in 2010, the N.Erithrea store was renovated, offering spacious shopping areas with aesthetic that make it stand out.

D.Thanopoulos stores are operating in accordance with the principles of their owners. These principles are based on personal service, guaranteed quality and unique variety of products.

And they remain unchanged ... to make the Supermarket D. Thanopoulos the only Greek Supermarket with a history and experience of 130 years.

Thanopoulos Store in Chafteia Aiolou Street, 1911