Ready made sandwiches

We daily make sandwiches, wraps, baguettes using fresh ingredients, to offer you a healthy snack choice.


Our range...


  • Wholegrain wrap with anthotyros and tomato
  • Wholegrain wrap with chicken
  • Wrap with chicken and tomato
  • Arabic pita bread with chicken
  • Wrap with tuna fish
  • Arabic pita bread with ham and cheese
  • Wrap with tomato and feta cheese
  • Wrap with turkey and cheese
  • Wrap with spinach, salmon and blue cheese
  • Croissant with turkey and cheese
  • Mini croissants 4pcs
  • Mini brioche with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese
  • Baguette viennoise with ham and cheese
  • Sandwich with cutlet
  • Sandwich with salmon and cardamom
  • spicy sandwich with salami and gouda cheese
  • Vegan sandwich
  • Low fat wholegrain baguette
  • Multigrained bread with chicken
  • Multigrained bread with tuna fish
  • Multigrained bread with salmon
  • Multigrained bread with olive spread
  • Low fat square sandwich with turkey and Milner cheese
  • Square sandwich with katiki cheese, chicken and cucumber
  • Square sandwich with ham and cheese